2016 New Year subjects: Continue video, add storytelling



It’s 2016 and time for New Year resolutions. I may not have any official resolutions (other than a goal of posting once a week), but I do have plans.

Last year, I started this blog as an offshoot of preparing for LavaCon 2015 called Monkey See, Monkey Do: Using Video to Support Your Documentation. I was finding so much information on video that I knew I’d never have a chance to present during my session that I needed a place to share all the extra things people might enjoy seeing.

LavaCon 2016

This year, I plan to speak again at LavaCon about storytelling.

As technical communicators, we’re generally more comfortable describing things, tasks, and actions. As a result, our content is generally pretty dull. However, during my video research, I ran across the Facebook help videos  that opened storytelling in technical content.

Take, for instance, how to change your password. What could be more mundane and boring than that? Yet Facebook created an entire story arc that included screen capture of a user changing her password in a video that lasted just over a minute.

Once I started thinking about storytelling, it started coming at me everywhere.

Storytelling in Technical Communication

Every keynote speaker at LavaCon 2015 mentioned storytelling in some instance. I started seeing articles and classes on technical storytelling. The deciding factor was seeing cognitive research supporting using story to enhance learning and instruction. It’s everywhere!

How About You?

So what do you think? Have you ever thought about or considered storytelling in technical communication? Please feel free to comment below.

Picture used from https://pixabay.com/en/sculpture-read-storytellers-785753/