Software for Capturing and Editing Video

I presented these slides at LavaCon 2015. My hope is that people will comment with their experiences and feedback. I’d love to hear of any resources to add, especially if it comes from small businesses.

Common software programs for capturing and editing software
Common software programs for capturing and editing software

High Points

Your choice ranges from free (MovieMaker or a download), to a monthly subscription of $15-$50 (students and teachers usually get discounts), to owning your own full copy (a few hundred to over a thousand).

I’d love to hear people’s experiences using these tools, and if I missed any that deserve mentioning.


Capture your screen: Three main (paid) contenders:

  • Techsmith SnagIt (49.95 single user)
  • Techsmith Camtasia (299 single user)
  • Adobe Captivate (29.99/month or 299 for students/teachers)
  • Minor mention: PowerPoint will record your screen and voice but only within PowerPoint.

Edit Video:

  • Camtasia and Captivate also include video editors.
  • Windows Movie Maker is free (part of Windows Essentials)
  • iMovie 14.99 in Mac App Store
  • FinalCut Pro 299.99 in Mac App Store
  • Adobe Premier 49.99/mo, 600/year, or 799 for a full license. Single user plans start 19.99/mo. Teachers and students get discounts.
  • Avid Media Composer 29.99/month or 1,299 to own outright (just over 43 months of the monthly license).
  • Even YouTube has a free movie editor

Of course, you can always search “free screen capture”, “free video editing software,” etc. but beware and ensure your malware and anti-virus programs are up to date.

Photo credits:

  • Techsmith
  • Adobe
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Avid

For further reading:

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