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Allie Proff
Allie Proff

Allie has been communicating technical knowledge for over fifteen years, whether it be in the U.S. Navy, as a high school math teacher, or a writer/editor at The Boeing Company.

She helps engineers and analysts write and produce their process instructions and user help in a variety of formats, including video demonstration.

In other words…

I love to help people. I love knowledge and learning. Put the two together and I get technical communication.

But it’s really much more than that. I love teaching, but not in the way where I stand in front of the room and make other people listen to me talk, or where I write an instruction that someone should read front to back. I like to work with people and help them find their own understanding.

This blog started because I wanted to lead a session at LavaCon 2015 called Monkey See, Monkey Do: Using Video to Support Your Documentation. As I started researching, there was too much to share in just a single hour. Blog posts are a perfect way to supplement everything in the presentation with extra information. I’m also putting every slide from my presentation on the blog as its own post. Although you can find the full slide on Slideshare, there’s no way for people to comment or give feedback. Although I don’t expect people to write a comment, I hope they do.

The name for the blog comes from wanting to write about All The Things! I’m starting with video, but I’m also passionate about instructional design, information architecture, grammar, storytelling in technical writing, fonts, design, usability experience (UX), content strategy, and so much more. I can’t settle on just one. So I’m technically eclectic, dabbling in a little bit of everything.

Thank you for visiting my blog, and please contact me via comment below, Twitter, LinkedIn, or email if you have any comments or questions. Take care!

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