Video Best Practices: Keep it Short

Keep your video 30 seconds to 3 minutes, although exceptions can be made (TEDX). Vines are only 6 seconds.
Break up longer topics into shorter segments in a series.
Example: Techsmith Camtasia help website: Great example of publishing your script, breaking up longer topics.

Video Best Practices: Be Accessible

I presented these slides at LavaCon 2015. My hope is that people will comment with their experiences and feedback. I’d love to hear of any resources to add, especially if it comes from small businesses. Not only will follow the law, you reach more people if you accommodate disabilities. Most (all?) of the accommodations are just…

Video Best Practices: Have a Purpose

A Meandering Road

High Points
◾Have a point. Don’t meander. Stay on target.
◾Write down your ONE target, your call to action, and some metrics defining success while you’re at it.
◾Consider putting call to action in the middle of your video, and then again at the end.
◾Reasons to do a video and not to do a video.