Need Ideas What Videos to Create?

One of the blog posts I want to catch up on is another blog article I read by HubSpot’s marketing page. If you’re wanting to create a video but not sure where to start, go to the article 7 Brilliant Video Campaigns You’ll Actually Enjoy Watching to read the full text and see example videos

Un-cutting the cord: Xfinity how-to videos

Back in February, our family cut the cord to Comcast cable TV and internet. We were tired of how much we were paying, and variable internet speeds. Frontier promised dedicated internet line just to our house at a lower price. We bought an antenna (they’re all HD anyway) for TV, although we were able to

QuickZip Sheets Video and Website Review

Summary: Video has some great, strong elements. I can understand it with the sound off, the animated demonstration is also clear, and a story arc of a real person with a problem is resolved by QuickZip sheets saving the day. When my first child was born, I stumbled upon QuickZip sheets. The base sheet completely

Washington DOL Website Overview

Summary: Washington State DOL gets props for helping people out with video, and creating YouTube videos and channels. To make their video more effective, they need to have a better opener and brand their thumbnail. Recently I had to renew my vehicle registration tabs, so I typed in to log in, pay my fee,