Choose Your Own Adventure Video – Deloitte Interactive Recruitment Video

Hello, it’s been a while! In January, I started a new position that’s kept me over the top busy. But it’s time to start writing again! I have a lot of articles saved up to share.

One of the things that caught my attention recently was a list of videos including the Deloitte interactive recruitment video (created by Little Sister Films, hosted on RaptMedia). I actually watched it and then re-watched it choosing other options just to see what would happen.


The first video starts at the beginning of the day getting coffee and arriving at work. In the elevator, you spill coffee on a colleague and are confronted by choices. What do you do? That’s only the first crossroads in the story of successfully navigating a day in the life of an employee. Along the way, they use the opportunity to share information about themselves. Will you fit into Deloitte?

It made me think: What if you used this concept for a user help manual? You don’t have to do a video, though that’s very engaging. But by applying usability concepts and creating a user persona and a user journey, you could turn potential frustration into a story. Instead of creating generic sections of text that get skipped over, you could have text that pertains exactly to what your user is looking for a the moment when he or she is looking for it. What a concept!

Also, some YouTube channels have made a specialty out of choose your own adventure videos (some links on the list probably NSFW). I never realized this was a thing, but now I’m fascinated.

Did you ever read the Choose Your Own Adventure books? Do you have any projects this concept might apply to?