Digital “Content” vs Analog “Relationship”

Digital Content vs Analog Emotion

I presented these slides at LavaCon 2015. My hope is that people will comment with their experiences and feedback. I’d love to hear of any resources to add, especially if it comes from small businesses.

Digital Content Vs Analog Relationship
Digital messages contain content. Analog messages contain emotion. Videos can convey analog messages and help you connect with users.

High Points

It’s not enough any more to inform (digital). You need to build relationship (analog).
Example: BombBomb video testimonial


The stats show more people are watching videos. Usability rule #1: Know your audience. WHY are they watching more video?

Users today are information-saturated. They can research reviews and specs any time day or night. What’s making companies stand apart from the competition today is connecting to people. And while nothing replaces real life face-to-face interaction, video does a better job connecting than words or images. It puts a human, personal element into a business interaction.

So whether it’s a video of an employee welcoming the user, customer testimonial videos, or demonstration videos, it’s building more of a bond.

The drawback is that in addition to writing well (which is difficult in the first place), you have myriad other things to worry about especially if you cross cultures.

Example: second video down The Power of Video: BombBomb Customers explain.

  • BombBomb is a company I stumbled upon in my research that specializes in sending videos through email.
  • Only watch 60-90 seconds, to baseball cap guy or polo shirt guy.
  • Critique: (get audience input) First two clips are weak. Hard to hear the first guy over the music. Music is trying for energetic, but I find it distracting. I love that they have different people with different camera setups, some not polished. I actually prefer the “candid” videos over the “staged” videos (seems a little too salesman-ey). Enough with the driving videos! Pay attention to driving!



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