Storytelling is One of the Marketing Predictions for 2016 Webinar

On January 14th, Mark Bornstein (@4markb) of ON24 gave a webinar on marketing predictions for 2016. You can watch it if you’d like by going to their Upcoming Webinars page and scrolling to the bottom to see past webinars.CrystalBall

His first prediction, a better dashboard, is based on including high resolution imagery and more graphical elements because they TELL A STORY.

You need pictures to tell a story. Every presenter (and ON24 sells webinar platform hosting) is telling a story. Every slide is an aid in telling that story. The presenting is the story, not the slide.

(I highly recommend his presentation. I’m not sure if copyright-wise, I’m allowed to share all of it but I found it informative and worth my time. You’ll have to create a log-in, as well.)

Once I started thinking about storytelling in technical areas, I’m amazed at how everyone is mentioning it. They might be mentioning it in passing, but only in the way that you might mention their method of transportation in a recent trip they took. They’re telling you about their trip, but it would never have happened without the car, train, bus, airplane, etc. that took them there. The method of delivery is super important and complex, even though it’s in the background.

I’m currently gathering studies about story and memory. We learn and retain information much better when story is involved, but that’s another post coming in about a month or so.

In the meantime, start looking and listening for storytelling in your profession. Are you hearing it a lot? Are you surprised at how often it’s mentioned?