Need Ideas What Videos to Create?

One of the blog posts I want to catch up on is another blog article I read by HubSpot’s marketing page.

If you’re wanting to create a video but not sure where to start, go to the article 7 Brilliant Video Campaigns You’ll Actually Enjoy Watching to read the full text and see example videos of each type of campaign.

Here’s a quick summary:

  1. Highlight customers (Progressive’s Small Business Tips)
  2. Tie your marketing to a larger mission (Dove’s #ChooseBeautiful)
  3. Appeal to emotion (Google Earth’s Homeward Bound)
  4. Play to your audience’s needs (Facebook’s “How To” Tutorials)
  5. Leverage a plot twist (you have to hook them first) (American Greetings’ #WorldsToughestJob)
  6. Think in terms of macro or micro (Intel’s Look Inside)
  7. Insert humor (Nike Women’s #BetterForIt)