QuickZip Sheets Video and Website Review

Summary: Video has some great, strong elements. I can understand it with the sound off, the animated demonstration is also clear, and a story arc of a real person with a problem is resolved by QuickZip sheets saving the day.

When my first child was born, I stumbled upon QuickZip sheets. The base sheet completely encloses the mattress bottom and sides, while the top sheet zips on and off the top. I was so impressed! Fast forward five years later, and my first child and his younger twin brothers are moving up from toddler beds to a triple bunk bed.

My five year old is getting better at staying dry at night, while the three year olds are potty trained only for daytime. I’m changing a lot of sheets these days. Have you ever tried to change a mattress on a top bunk? It’s hard! Even though these sheets are more expensive than something I could find at a thrift store or a big box store, I feel it’s more than worth my time and sanity to buy three sets of these QuickZip sheets. And it supports a mom-owned business, not some big brand name.

I called them to find out the best pricing for what I wanted, and to see if they had any additional discounts for people with multiple children. They were not only helpful, but also volunteered an extra discount for helping spread the word. Since I’m in the throes of preparing for LavaCon, I also have another video to post about as an example.

Things They Did Well

  • I usually save videos I watch until I’m trying to get the kids to bed or before I go to sleep so I watch without sound. I still understood everything.
  • Lately, I’ve also been focusing on story arc even in subjects as boring as help topics. This video even has a story line: woman struggles with changing sheets, QuickZip saves the day!
  • They use text effectively (Fast, Easy, Safe) in a font that’s bold, large, and easy to read.
  • The animation at 0:30 helps people understand how it’s all put together.
  • They include a call to action at the end (though I must not be doing it right because clicking just pauses and un-pauses the video…)
  • I like how their model isn’t overly done up to make her more relate-able.

Things They Could Do Better

Keep in mind this is a mom-owned business, and not a mid- or large-sized company. I think they’re doing pretty awesome considering what they have to work with for time and budget.

  • The baby cry at the beginning got my attention when I was watching it with sound. Otherwise, it’s pretty slow. Maybe instead they could have a title page with a blue ribbon with words about saving time?
  • I felt the struggling with the sheet was a little info-mercially acted. They could maybe even cut the struggle out if they did a series on customer testimonials.
  • It’s hard for me to find their video on their website. It’s much easier to find it on their Facebook videos page or YouTube channel. The Facebook videos page has many different videos, including customer testimonials (yay!) but the YouTube channel mostly has different variations of the same video, so it’s confusing to me to know which one to watch. They also have videos on Vimeo, which is what they use to put the videos on their website. Having the same video three different places, though, increases their work on tracking any usage statistics, if they are tracking.
  • It looks like they did start a user campaign called “How quick do you zip?” where they would have users send in video timing themselves changing sheets, but I don’t see any cohesive final staging area where users can see themselves.
  • Include a URL in their call to action, in case they have users who don’t know how to click on a link.