Un-cutting the cord: Xfinity how-to videos

Back in February, our family cut the cord to Comcast cable TV and internet. We were tired of how much we were paying, and variable internet speeds. Frontier promised dedicated internet line just to our house at a lower price. We bought an antenna (they’re all HD anyway) for TV, although we were able to watch network programming directly over their channels.

Then football season started. No problem, I thought. We could get the season on NFL pass and just watch it online. However, they blacked out the first game, and it was a channel we couldn’t get with our antenna. (Why can’t I get a game on the network website that I could get if I lived within a certain range of the tv tower. So frustrating!)

Fortunately, we had cut the cord long enough (six months) that Comcast was sending us advertisements in the mail with great offers. So now we’re back with cable internet and TV, but at a much more reasonable price.

The point to my story is that when we got the new cable equipment, front and center was the set-up documentation with a promise of video help. Of course, you have to have internet to watch the internet videos, or not worry about how much data you’ve been using on your phone.


Once I go to the website, it has a whole list of links including a link to self-install videos.

I must confess I didn’t watch the videos until long after everything got set up. When we ran into some problems, we called help instead of watching videos. Once I watched the videos, though, there were very simple and short, which was nice. Even though it was text and some live-action demonstration, it had that professional touch that I’d expect of such a large company in the entertainment business.

Comcast hosts their videos on their YouTube Xfinity channel. It would be interesting to look at their analytics before and after they made the videos. Did it affect their help center calls? Did people feel more positive about them? Which are the most and least watched videos?

Just one more example of videos in every day life. 🙂