Video Real Life Example – The Chefs Toolbox

How to cook a home-made pizza in 20 minutes, courtesy The Chefs Toolbox (really, no apostrophe), came up in my Facebook feed today. Here’s a link to the video until I get the embed function fixed.

The best way to get a Pizza in 20 minutes! Faster than the delivery driver and absolutely delicious! Posted by The Chefs Toolbox on Friday, May 15, 2015

About the company

The Chefs Toolbox is an Australian cookware company that sells through home parties (similar to The Pampered Chef.) They have a main website with a side recipe website, a Facebook channel, and a YouTube channel.  The video was posted on May 15th, 2015 and today (May 26th), they had over 11.5 million views. Impressive!

Is it something I could do?

Definitely yes! I’d love comments if you have more specifics, but you could probably do something similar with a tripod, a good-quality smart-phone or a decent quality camcorder, and some basic video editing software. You don’t need microphone because the music is inserted in place of any captured sound. A little bobbling when they zoom at the end means they might have even had an assistant hand-hold the camera?

Things they did well

First three seconds: A picture of gooey homemade pizza. If you like to cook, you might stop and watch the rest of the video.

Kept it short: The whole video is 1:37. The title, stovetop pizza, says it all. They used the post to emphasize how fast it is to make. “The best way to get a Pizza in 20 minutes! Faster than the delivery driver and absolutely delicious!”

Kept it simple: zoomed in on the food and pans (this makes sense because they’re selling the cookware, not the cook’s personality), simple background, simple clothes.

Paused for viewer to read text. Text is simple, large, and easy to read. Text matches with the actions in the video. Summarized the recipe at the end.

Appropriate lighting. I’m not an expert so I can’t tell if they did anything fancy but they made sure there weren’t shadows and that everything was clear and well-lit.

Call to action: A link at the end of the video when I viewed it on my phone.

Things they could do better

What kind of pan are you using? After watching the video, it appears it has some kind of pressure lid? Is it cast iron?