Washington DOL Website Overview

Summary: Washington State DOL gets props for helping people out with video, and creating YouTube videos and channels. To make their video more effective, they need to have a better opener and brand their thumbnail.

Recently I had to renew my vehicle registration tabs, so I typed in www.dol.wa.gov to log in, pay my fee, and get the tabs mailed back to me before they expired.  One of the first things that caught my eye was a highlighted video and an embedded Twitter feed below the main set of links. The highlighted video on that day was “Moving to Washington?”

Washington State Department of Licensing Homepage
Washington State Department of Licensing Homepage

Since video is on my mind these days, I clicked on the featured video and took a look.

The first few seconds I automatically looked for the Skip Ad link because the couple sitting on the couch was too cheesy. I thought for sure it was an ad, but then it swiped into the DOL website.