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Let’s digitally declutter together

Have you ever needed a file but couldn’t find it? Or maybe you know you have a file, but the thought of how much hassle it will be to find it is so daunting you either don’t bother or you just create a new one?

Both scenarios happened to me in the last few weeks, with files I needed to find in my personal life for my kids.

Last week I needed a headshot of my twins for a twin-related application. I had a specific photo in mind, but couldn’t find it for the life of me. I ended up finding something completely different that worked, but I’m pretty unhappy about it.

Coming up is Yearbook season. I know I have a Google Doc somewhere with what I’ve written in previous years but I can’t remember how I filed it away. So I think I’ll just start a new one. Or I can find their yearbooks from previous years and see what I wrote, but it would be so much easier to just copy and paste from last year.

It’s so embarrassing. 

It’s like when somebody stops by your house unexpectedly. You don’t want to invite them inside because laundry is sitting on your couch, dishes and mail and projects are covering the counter. The kids’ shoes are scattered in every room, as are their coats and backpacks. It’s a mess. (But hey, at least the laundry on the couch is clean, right?)

The same thing happens with my files. Even worse than wasting my time all by myself is being in an online meeting, sharing my screen, and trying to find a file while someone else is watching.

The most frustrating part for me in both scenarios is that I’m perfectly capable of being organized. I just haven’t made time for it. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if everything were picked up and organized? 

I’ll leave cleaning and organizing the house to other amazing people I mention on my Resources page, but my specialty is helping people organize their computer files. 

Specifically, I love helping content creators like bloggers, podcasters, and YouTubers figure out a system to prevent them from drowning in piles of content.

I also love helping growing business owners that are ready to make the first step of hiring an assistant. You need to have files organized so you can send your VA work to do, they need a space to do their work, then they need a process for sending the work back. If you’re not organized, you’ll not only waste your time but you’ll waste your VA’s time that you’re paying for.

Let’s get organized together! 

I’m going to walk through my own process and organize my files while you follow along. 

My files used to be organized, and then Covid happened. While working from home full-time and having kids learning school from full-time, I let my organization slide a little. Okay, a lot.

While my house has (mostly) recovered, my files have not. Yet. But they can!

I am so excited to finally be able to find all my files, I’m going to have a great organized list of all the ebooks I’ve downloaded and courses I’ve signed up for. And best of all, I’ll have a system for all the blog posts, podcast episodes, and YouTube videos I’m going to create.

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There’s nothing better than practicing what I preach. And you’ll be helped by seeing each step in action.

Want to get your files organized too?

Jump on over to my Services page. I have an e-book and a course, or you can book a 15-minute call with me to chat about helping you organize your own files or organizing your files for you.

Best of luck to all of us!

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